Side-striped Jackal - Canis adustus

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Afrikaans Witkwasjakkals Zulu Mpungutshe 
Rantalaje Shangaan Hlati Shona Gava

5 cm

Distribution Dung
5 cm

Visible Male/Female Differences

Males are larger than females


A woodland species which also occurs in grassland.


Rodents, hares, carrion, invertebrates, fruit and seeds, birds up to the size of guinea fowl, reptiles. Frequently eats small quantities of green grass as an aid to digestion.


Litters of 4-6 are born in August-October after gestation of 57-70 days and weaned at 8-10 weeks. Sexually mature at 10 months. Young disperse at 11 months. Lifespan 10 years.

Behavior and Habits

Active at night, but also seen at dusk and in the early morning. They shelter in heavy undergrowth, in holes in the ground, or crevices among rocks. Side-striped jackals live in mated pairs but usually forage alone. Both parents care for the pups and carry food in the mouth or regurgitate it.


A series of yaps, probably as a contact or spacing call.

Field sign

Droppings and spoor are very similar to those of the black-backed jackal. The the main pad of side-striped jackal spoor have a straighter back edge.


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