The African Safari Series

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Snakes of Southern Africa.
The Ultimate Field Guide for common Southern African Snakes is a scientific breakthrough in species identification.
  • Comprehensive species information - quickly and easily
  • Incredible detail on almost 60 Southern African Snakes
  • Advanced Snake Bite Treatment
  • Detailed species information: habitat and distribution, diet, enemies, reproduction, behavior and habitsFull-color photographs Afrikaans, Zulu, Shona and Tswana species names
  • Quick reference conservation and activity icons
  • Venom and dentition
  • Scale Counts
  • Advanced First Aid information for Snake Bite treatment
  • Utilises unique, world-first identification keys
    • Colour Key
    • Head Shape Key
    • Markings Key
    • Venom Key
    • Fang Key
    • Biomes and Vegetation types
    • Find snake species endemic to certain area with the amazing Distribution Matrix
    • Advanced search function
    • Easy to use - based on web conventions

The Ultimate Field Guide for Snakes is a herpetological gold mine of information with 3,000 hyperlinks for cross-reference Available for Windows 95 and better and Internet Explorer 4 and up

Survival in the African Bushveld.
Over 1,000 full-color photographs and images and 11,400 hyperlinks for fast and easy cross-reference.

This computer-based guide covers every possible bush situation in detail the plants and animals that can provide food and water, the making of weapons, building shelters, treating snake or spider bites, trapping, making vehicle repairs in the bush, hunting and fishing.

A useful and detailed bush emergency section shows how to deal with anything from childbirth to repairing tooth fillings and treating gunshot wounds in the field. It even includes a very tasty recipe for preparing snake, called Fer au Vin, an excellent dish with mushrooms, brandy and red wine.

This guide is the one to have when preparing for a safari to Africa there is no other like it.

The African Safari Series presents an unrivalled range of specialised wildlife reference programs for African Fauna and Flora.



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