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Family Typhlopidae-Blind Snakes
Bibron's Blind Snake - Typhlops bibronii
Lalande's Blind Snake - Typhlops lalandei

Family Leptotyphlopidae-Thread Snakes

Lesser Worm Snake - Leptotyphlops conjunctus incognitus

Family Boidae-Pythons

Rock Python - Phyton sebae natalensis

Family Atractaspididae-African Burrowing Snakes

Subfamily Atractaspininae
Stiletto Snake - Atractaspis bibronii
Subfamily Aparallactinae
Centipede Eaters-Aparallactus
Cape Centipede Eater - Aparallactus capensis
Purpleglossed Snakes-Amblyodipsas
Savanna Purpleglossed Snake - Amblyodipsas polylepis polylepis
Quillsnouted Snakes-Xenocalamus
Striped Quillsnout - Xenocalamus bicolor lineatus
Waterberg Quillsnout - Xenocalamus bicolor australis
Family Colubridae-Typical Snakes
Subfamily Lamprophiinae
Water Snakes-Lycodonomorphus
Brown Water Snake - Lycodonomorhus rufulus
House Snakes-Lamprophis
Aurora House Snake - Lamprophis aurora
Brown House Snake - Lamprophis fuliginosus
Olive House Snake - Lamprophis inornatus
Spotted House Snake - Lamprophis guttatus
Wolf Snakes-Lycophidion
Cape Wolf Snake - Lycophidion capense
File Snakes-Mehelya
Cape File Snake - Mehelya capensis
Slug Eaters-Duberria
Slug Eater - Duberria lutrix
Mole Snake-Pseudaspis
Mole Snake - Pseudaspis cana
Subfamily Natricinae
Shovelsnout Snakes-Prosymna
Twinstriped Shovelsnout - Prosymna bivattata
Subfamily Psammophinae
Spotted Skaapsteker - Psammophylax rhombeatus
Striped Skaapsteker - Psammophylax tritaeniatus
Sand and Grass Snakes-Psammophis
Cross-marked Sand Snake - Psammophis crucifer
Yellowbellied Sand Snake - Psammophis subtaeniatus subtaeniatus
Olive Grass Snake - Psammophis mossambicus
Short-snouted Sand Snake - Psammophis brevirostris
Subfamily Colubrinae
Green and Bush Snakes-Philothamnus
Green Water Snake - Philothamnus hoplogaster
Spotted Bush Snake - Philothamnus semivariegatus
    Southeastern Green Snake - Philothamnus natalensis
Egg Eaters-Dasypeltis
Egg Eater - Dasypeltis scabra
Herald Snakes-Crotaphopeltis
Red-lipped Herald Snake - Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia
Tiger Snakes-Telescopus
Tiger Snake - Telescopus species
Cateyed Tree Snakes-Dipsadoboa
Marbled Tree Snake - Dipsadoboa aulica
Boomslang - Dispholidus typus
Twig Snakes-Thelotornis
Twig Snake - Thelotornis capensis
Family Elapidae-Cobras, Mambas and Relatives
Subfamily Elapinae
Harlequin Snakes-Homoroselaps
Spotted Harlequin Snake - Homoroselaps lacteus
Coral and Shieldnose Snakes-Aspidelaps
Coral Snake - Aspidelaps lubricus
Shield-nose Snake - Aspedilaps scutatus
Garter Snakes-Elapsoidea
Eastern Garter Snake - Elapsoidea semiannulata boulengeri
Black Spitting Cobra - Naja nigricollis woodi
Cape Cobra - Naja nivea
Forest Cobra - Naja melanoleuca
Mozambique Spitting Cobra - Naja mossambica
Snouted Cobra - Naja annulifera
Western Barred Spitting Cobra - Naja nigricollis nigricinta
Rinkhals - Hemachatus haemachatus
Black Mamba - Dendroaspis polylepis
Green Mamba - Dendroaspis angusticeps
Family Viperidae
Subfamily Causinae-Night Adders
Common Night Adder - Causus rhombeatus
Snouted Night Adder - Causus defilippii
Subfamily Bitis-African Adders
Berg Adder - Bitis atropos
Gaboon Adder - Bitis gabonica
Horned Adder - Bitis caudalis
Many-horned Adder - Bitis cornuta
Puff Adder - Bitis arietans
Lowland Swamp Viper-Proatheris superciliaris


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