Photographic Safaris

African Photographic safaris are like no other:  it is relaxing, stress free and due to the exciting and unique. 

Our safaris are specially designed around photography and focus (pun intended) on creating a productive photographic experience.  Our safaris give you more time in the field to work on your photography while observing and appreciating nature, rather than dashing from sighting to sighting only allowing for a few quick shots.

We are out with the sunrise and sunset, allowing for photographic opportunities in the best light of the day.
We take breaks during the day to have a quiet lunch under a tree somewhere in the wilderness.  We visit a wide diversity of areas and ecosystems, national parks, wildlife reserves, private reserves, community lands, deserts, swamps, river systems and many other areas of significant interest.  We a variety of game viewing vehicles and boats from area to area, we go the extra mile by booking exclusive use of these transporters allowing for as much space and manoeuvrability as possible for an optimum photographic experience everywhere we travel.

We believe in spending time out in the field to get that perfect shot.


Photographic safari destinations include Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We offer a wide variety of safaris that are suitable for both amateur and professional photographers alike, whether as set departure expeditions, or as tailor-made departures to fit your particular photographic needs or travel desires. 

In order to offer a more personal experience and one-on-one photographic tutoring, our maximum group size is limited to 6 participants.

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