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Mozambique legal

Decree 39 2007 Timeshare Regulations

Investment Legislation

Land Law Legislation

Fiscal Benefits Code

Legal framework for environment licensing

Recommendations and Endorsements
Mozambique Department of Tourism
Tourism Recommendation Portuguese
Tourism Recommendation Translation
Inhambane Municipality
Muncipality Endorsement English
Muncipio Endorsement Portuguese
Due Diligence/Independent Legal Opinion
Legal Opinion Dr. Macuacua English
Legal Opinion Dr. Macuacua Portuguese



Club Nautilo

Site Layout

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Tourism and other


UNWTO Tourism Highlights presents a concise overview of international tourism in the world based on the results for the year 2016. The booklet includes:

  • Key trends in international tourism in 2016
  • Results by (sub)region and country of destination
  • World’s top tourism destinations
  • Outbound tourism by region and top spenders
  • Long-term forecast: Tourism towards 2030
UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2016 Edition
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Global Peace Index 2016

Mozambique’s real estate market is opening up to SA investors

IMF-Mozambique economy strong

Global Trends in Coastal Tourism

The Global Vacation Ownership Industry



Mozambique Anchor Investment Sites

Mozambique Tourism Strategic Plan


The contribution of tourism in Mozambique

World Travel Trends Report 2010/2011

IMF Growth Forecast 2012

Strong demand for property in Mozambique

Retail property to blossom in Mozambique

IMF expects 8.3% growth in Mozambique on 2014

Huise kwyt in Mosambiek

Mosambiek oord in 2005 al "warm"

Bedrogklag oor Mosambiek erwe

SA julle besit niks-tensy dit tyddeel of fraksionele eienaarskap is

Die regstatus van Suid-Afrikaanse vakansie-oorde in Mosambiek

Hou by Mosambiek wette dan is jy veilig