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the time of your life

Invest in a high-value leisure asset with worldwide and lifetime advantages. See the exotic places of the world, one magnificent luxury destination at a time. Generate a passive income when you are not using your property.

Secure your future with a valuable Tartaruga Bay leisure asset.

Travel. Make memories. Live.

lifetime luxury worldwide vacations

The world is yours. At Tartaruga Bay you own a lifetime of luxury vacations.
Visit Bali, Disneyland, Maldives, The Algarve, Tuscany or Spain. Exchange your vacation with other luxury destinations worldwide - or laze in luxury on the Mozambican beach. See your world for more details.

generate passive income

Use your ownership to generate an impressive passive income. See growth and rental pool.

no-hassle luxury vacations

You do no maintenance, repairs or work on your property while you are on vacation at Tartaruga Bay.

The estate will be managed by a professional management company, which manages 4- and 5 star hotels, bush lodges, leisure resorts and casino resorts in key tourism and business locations throughout Africa.